In MANOA, our priority is to select the best ingredients which contributes to a perfect balance-diet life style. But as well, to let you discover the rich potential of some “less-known” products and their possibility to replace others.
Aware of our environmental challenge, we based our menu on a plant-based food approach which includes some cook's preparation that will delight even our meat-lover friends. It will be our role to demonstrate how easy is to replace the dietary intake of animals-product with green substitution.
Our categories below will help you to understand how we have designed our Menu to provide you the best health and taste experience.


Our fruits and vegetables are consciously selected among products from local producers (maloposkie region). Our main focus is to bring you an incredible variety of seasonal and eco flavours, all that it takes to combine health and pleasure.

Why are they so important?

Because they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and because their beneficial effect on health has been proved multiple times. They have a protective role in the prevention of diseases appearing in adulthood, such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes ...



Our thoughtful selection of starchy food will guarantee you energy and a feeling of satiety at the end of each meal. In Manoa, all our starchy food from “cereal-base” are whole meal to give you excellent fibers intake as well.

Why starch is essential in our diet?

Because they bring us so-called "complex carbohydrates" that unlike simple carbohydrates from sweet foods (sugar, sugary drinks, confectionery, pastries, dairy desserts, etc.) provide an energy that the body is able to use gradually.



Discover the rich potential of plant-based protein through our wide variety of ingredients and our delicious cook’s preparation.
Our selection of protein-food is 100% eco-friendly. And as we are very picky, we guaranty you that it comes with excellent quality protein.

Why do we need protein every day?

The body needs it in a variety of foods to ensure repair and growth of tissues and to provide vital supplies of nitrogen and other chemicals.



Dairy foods play a key part in leading a balanced diet. Cheese or yogurt in your bowl, milk for your smoothie, make your choice!
Our dairy selection will please every-body, vegan included !

Why dairy is beneficial for our health?

Because they bring us calcium and often vitamin D, both essential for the construction of bone tissue and its maintenance! Without forgetting also their source in protein, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin B2/B12/B5…



Healthy and crunchy, our selection of seeds and nuts will complement your bowls wonderfully.
Each selection will be composed of 1 seed and 1 nut mixed together.

Why are they so good for us?

Seeds and nuts contain a multitude of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, good proteins and fats (some includes the famous omega-3). They strengthen the immune system, the functioning of the brain, regulate the burning of fats, control the nervous system and much more...



Our selection of herbs and spices, included in our dressings, will bring you full flavours and colors in your plate and bowl.
Freshly selected in the market, our ambition is to make you travel through different sense of pleasure.

Why else should we use herb and spice every day?

They contain many interesting nutritious characteristics. For example, the curcuma has a strong antioxidant property, rosemary acts on the immune system and improves digestion. Without making a fixation, herbs and spices can therefore add a healthy touch to meals.



Some products are no always available locally (seasonal/environmental constraint) that is why to give opportunity to taste some flavours at any time we use regularly dry fruits and conserves as it preserves the best from foods.

Why are dry fruit and conserve healthy?

Dry fruit: because the main principle is to extract the water from fruit and keep up all of its properties into a small package.
Conserve: because the process of conservation (sterilization) prevents the proliferation of bacteria and keep fruit or vegetable intact inside.
Result: Fruits and vegetables preserve all their nutrients.



Being aware of the importance and benefit of good fat for our body, we are particularly picky when it comes to use it in our kitchen. We favorize vegetable oil in particular Colza, Walnut as they are rich in omega 3, and Olive oil.

Why is fat important?

Fat acts as an energy source and forms the major part of adipose tissue, the fatty layer beneath the skin which protects body tissue and organs and helps to maintain body temperature. In short, fatty acids are essential to the body but must be of good quality, therefore a picky selection of fat is very important.



Both are abundant in many of the foods we use every day. That is why we favorize use of natural salty/sweet ingredient and limit adding processed salt and sugar.

Why to limit salt and sugar?

Because excessive salt intake promotes hypertension, itself causing cardiovascular disease, while sugar has adverse effects on insulin resistance, hypertension, waist circumference, obesity and even diabetes.



You’ll be delighted by our fresh selection of tea and coffee prepared in Bochnia, Poland. We invite you to travel through different aroma and appreciate the simplicity of a relaxing moment in your day.

Every day is special and unique, start it with a cup of fresh and tasty tea or coffee!

Tea and coffee have their own quality and benefit for our body, even though controversial.



In MANOA, we are conscious of each person unicity and the problematic of allergen in daily life. We do our best to propose alternative and fulfil your own requirements. Our staff will be glad to support and guide you alongside our menu and ingredients to meet your expectation.