MANOA was created out of our concern about difficulties which each of us need to face in order to follow a healthy diet in line with nature. We are here to ease you an access to high-quality and eco components in this modern and hectic world.

Moreover, we would like to provide you also knowledge how to compose a healthy and nutritious meal.

MANOA is an embodiment of an idea according to which we can eat fast, healthy and consciously.


Zero-waste is constantly in our line of sight to ensure that any stage of a consumer chain will not produce any harmful by-products which can devastate our planet. We avoid plastic and keep an eye on food not being wasted.

Our concern of the planet includes also choice of the suppliers and farmers who take care of animals and don’t use any fertilizers harmful for our ecosystem.

Conscious diet is mainly the knowledge of what nutritional value provides each product and if it can be optimally balanced.



Transforming the world around us and facing challenges of the Western civilization are the tasks which may overwhelm a single person.

MANOA wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for common effort of a group of conscious and involved people who has created this supportive community. We would like to thank wholeheartedly all our Guests, Customers and Partner who, just like us, believe that we can take care of ourselves and, at the same time, of the world around us.

Please join us and co-create the initiative of MANOA Green Resto Bar.