MANOA was created out of our concern about difficulties which each of us need to face in order to follow a healthy diet in line with nature. We are here to ease you an access to high-quality and eco components in this modern and hectic world.

Moreover, we would like to provide you also knowledge how to compose a healthy and nutritious meal.

MANOA is an embodiment of an idea according to which we can eat fast, healthy and consciously.


Zero-waste is constantly in our line of sight to ensure that any stage of a consumer chain will not produce any harmful by-products which can devastate our planet. We avoid plastic and keep an eye on food not being wasted.

Our concern of the planet includes also choice of the suppliers and farmers who take care of animals and don’t use any fertilizers harmful for our ecosystem.

Conscious diet is mainly the knowledge of what nutritional value provides each product and if it can be optimally balanced.



Transforming the world around us and facing challenges of the Western civilization are the tasks which may overwhelm a single person.

MANOA wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for common effort of a group of conscious and involved people who has created this supportive community. We would like to thank wholeheartedly all our Guests, Customers and Partners who, just like us, believe that we can take care of ourselves and, at the same time, of the world around us.

Please join us and co-create the initiative of MANOA Green Resto Bar.



Our team is the essence and spirit of Manoa. We are all proud to contribute in our way to a better future and make our Customers happy.

We are all culinary explorer eager to deliver unexpected flavors by crafting delicious and surprising combinations.

Moreover, we care about our employees’ comfort and constantly review how to operate in a better way that improves the work-conditions.

Everyone here joined the team with the believe to participate to something bigger than oneself and we are very excited to share our passion and knowledge while treating you with the best products.



Our claim accompanies us in our journey and give us the direction in each cross-road we encounter.

EAT. Eat healthy and consciously. Know what is good for yourself but also for the world that you live in.

CARE. Take care of your physical health and the environment at the same time. Ensure the sustainability and fair sharing of the resources of this world.

EVOLVE. Never stop questioning yourself and the world around you. Learn from your experience and share with others. If it leads to a change in your life or other, maximize your effort in that direction.



In MANOA, our priority is to select the best ingredients which contributes to a perfect balance-diet life style. But as well, to let you discover the rich potential of some “less-known” products and their possibility to replace others.

Aware of our environmental challenge, we tend to prioritize a plant-based food without eliminating meat or fish from our Menu. It will be our role to demonstrate how easy is to replace the dietary intake of animals-product with green substitution.

We source each ingredient with care from farmers and food artisans who share our elevated standards for quality—working locally with our neighbors when possible. Those high standards include no added hormones, artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or artificial flavors EVER and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Whether you’re flexitarian, vegan, vegetarian or eating gluten-free, you’ll find craveable items on our menu to fit your needs. We will gladly work to accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies—just let us know before ordering, and ask to speak with a manager if you have an extreme allergy. And if you want to check out the nutritional profile of our menu items, you can find them all.

See more about our main categories of ingredients:

FRUITS & VEGGIES: Our fruits and vegetables are consciously selected among products from local producers (maloposkie region). Our main focus is to bring you an incredible variety of seasonal and eco flavors, all that it takes to combine health and pleasure.

STARCH: Our thoughtful selection of starchy food will guarantee you energy and a feeling of satiety at the end of each meal. In Manoa, all our starchy food from “cereal-base” are whole meal to give you excellent fibers intake as well.

PROTEIN: Meat, fish, egg but also and especially with plant-based alternative, we ensure multiple possibilities to provide you with excellent quality protein. The source of our animals-product product will be only from Suppliers applying ecological/organic standards - ensuring humanely handled and treated animals, fed quality vegetarian or grain-fed diets, and 100% antibiotic free.

DAIRY: Dairy foods play a key part in leading a balanced diet. Cheese or yogurt in your bowl, milk for your smoothie, make your choice! Our dairy selection will please every-body, vegan included!

SEEDS & NUTS: Healthy and crunchy, our selection of seeds and nuts will complement your meals wonderfully. They will be a perfect complement to bring you extra nutrients!

HERBS & SPICES: Our selection of herbs and spices, included in our dressings, will bring you full flavors and colors in your plate and bowl.

FAT: Concern of the bad fat but conscious of the good one benefit and importance for our body, we are particularly picky on the fat we use in our kitchen. We favorize vegetable oil in particular Colza, Walnut as they are rich in omega 3, coco and Olive oil.

SALT & SUGAR: Both are abundant in many of the foods we use every day. That is why we favorize use of natural salty/sweet ingredient and limit adding processed salt and sugar.

BREAD: Only sourced locally by a bakery. We usually select whole meal or spelled to reduce the amount of gluten.